Vapor Barrier Installation

Humidity and steam can be a real detriment to a home.


If left unchecked, it can erode foundations and create a home for digging insects, not to mention a breeding ground for mold. Pro Attic Restoration places a vapor barrier to keep moisture out of the access space in your home. Pro Attic Restoration will install properly and create a protective seal that will block moisture as well as insects and rodents.


It’s important to keep the foundations of your home dry, as mold and rot can melt the wood frame. Pro Attic Restoration can stop this process, and we have technicians who are trained to do just that. Let the experts at Pro Attic Restoration help you maintain your home for many years to come.  At Pro Attic Restoration we provide the best service to our clients, working according to their schedules and making sure they are completely satisfied.

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Vapor Barrier Installation

Benefits of Pro-Attica Restoration Steam Barrier:


  • Protects against mold, mildew, rodents and insects
  • Protects foundations from damage caused by moisture and rot
  • Creates a low humidity environment that increases the life of your home.

If you ever have any questions about vapor barriers or any part of your home, please don’t hesitate to call us. We will be proud to serve you.

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