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Pro Attic Restoration offers the best service in residential and commercial building restoration.

Our experts will carry out the free inspection to the client in order to identify the problem and make the best market quote.

We have a track record of years in this type of service. We can tell you all the cases we have seen over the years. Our experts can do the best job of getting rid of bats in homes and attics as well as highlighting the removal of large bats in buildings, churches, corporations and universities.


We have the right equipment to deal with the problem you want to eliminate.


We also work in the structural sealing, substitution and elimination of any type of insulation, we have tools to reach any space of restricted access.


We take care of cleaning and sanitation of your attic, as any repair of air ducts, we have equipment for thermal imaging inspection.


Is your attic in trouble?


If your attic has old clothes, materials or waste of any kind, these provide a special habitat for rodents and other pests that affect the health of you and your family, you can even have squirrels without knowing it, Pro Attic Restoration has the best method to capture any pest and relocate it to then be able to seal all access points and prevent future invasions to your attic.


The staff at Pro Attic Restoration can identify signs of any type of pest that is affecting your home that is preventing you from having health and safety.


Remember that when your attic insulation is old or damaged, it is easier for these pests to be found in your attic. We can perform a new installation of reinforced insulation that effectively controls rodents or other unwanted pests.

  • Attic Cleaning
  • Attic Insulation
  • Radiant Barrier Installation
  • Crawl Space Cleaning
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Vapor Barrier Installation
  • Insulation Removal
  • Rodent Proofing
  • HVAC System
  • Air Duct Cleaning & Repair
  • Attic Clean Up
  • Insulation Replacement
Structural Sealing – Insulation Removal and Replacement – Crawlspace cleaning and sanitation

Pro Attic Restoration collaborates with the environment, since the major sources of energy inefficiency in the home or business is having inadequate insulation, our staff will check very effectively to detect any leaks in pipes, damaged ducts, wet or any insulation problem, replace your old insulation with the new R-19 subfloor, so you can meet the standards.

All this will allow you to have a great saving in gas or energy bills as well as a more comfortable home that contributes to the environment. You should know that a well-insulated home or business will reduce the use of natural gas, less burning of coal, less use of uranium and up to 2,000 pounds less emissions released into our environment each year, so don’t hesitate to call Pro Attic Restoration.

Take your phone and call us, our experience and equipment allows us to guarantee an impeccable work in the most difficult situations, our innovative methods are more effective than those of other companies.

Remember that Pro Attic Restoration is based on customer satisfaction with our competitive prices on products and services. You can count on a guarantee for our work as an advice by our staff for future repairs without any commitment.

At Pro Attic Restoration we want to make it very clear that we do not outsource or use inexperienced staff.

Don’t lose money with other companies first call Pro Attic Restoration.

We Are Professional at Insulation Removal and Replacement

help the environment while saving money on your heating and cooling bills!

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At Pro-Attic Restoration we know that often winds that pass through a home’s crawl space  can accumulate rust along with mold.


Pro Attic Restoration offers safe, complete and professional attic cleaning services throughout the area.


Dirty air ducts can affect air quality in your home! A healthy home begins with cleaning the air ducts We specialize in indoor air quality Since 2009

Pro-Attic Restoration

Pro-Attic Restoration services both residential and commercial buildings.
With our free onsite inspections, we identify, clean, and prevent rodent infestation.